Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm crazy over meraas..

Last weekend, for the third time in this month, I received an email from my friend Asrul Azad Anwar (Kuala Lumpur). Again and again, he asked me of the job opportunity in Dubai, as he is very interested to work here. Looking at how eager he is, I can’t say no anymore, so I did a survey on few developers and firms in Dubai that worth it to join.

I forwarded to him several names including Nakheel, Sama-Dubai, Aldar, Emaar, al-Qudra, Trident, and few architectural firms such as Atkins (my favourite) and AEDAS. Of all developer, I recommended him to send his resume to Meraas Development (a member of Meraas Holding). Personally, I’m attracted to the proposal by Meraas Holding especially the Jumeirah Garden City, Dubai. Tengok preview of the project masa Cityscape Dubai, and I just fall in love with the proposal. It’s a crazy proposal. Very futuristic. Very eye catchy.

Here is a sneak preview for you guys…

Jumeirah Garden is the first masterplanned community from Meraas Development. Conceived as an integrated city within city, with district neighborhoods linked by a diverse network of transportational options, Jumeirah Garden will comprise low, medium, and high-density areas with business, residential, retail, leisure and recreational components.

They include:

One Dubai

This will be one of the tallest and largest buildings in the world, a mega-structure consisting of three linked tower of staggered heights, with mosaic-like glass and aluminium-mesh cladding.

One Park Avenue

This 600 000 square meter tower, whose undulating form is a tribute to Dubai’s historic relationship with the Arabian Gulf, will be a marvel of 21st century technology and sustainable design.

Park Gate

The project comprises six paired towers, each 30 to 40 high, with the three pairs of towers forming a grand entrance leading into Dubai Park.

I love the design, really!


Anonymous said...

design tu banyak pembaziranlah.. lagho.. menunjuk-nunjuk... fungsinya sikit jer.. lebih-lebih lagi yg tang konon ada pokok terjuntai2 tu...


well aku kan planner...

bab cut the cost aku mestilah expert kan...


zack d cun girl

bencoolen80 said...

saya ada kawan yang pernah keje arkitek diDubai. ntah u kenal ke tak. Nama di Faizal.

hady said...

hehe, lagho ke tak
projek tu jalan tau
skang dah start demolish
flats to give ways for the project
tapi package by package la

p/s - kalau ko tgk dia punya 3d, sangatla futuristic..

faizal tu keje firm apa? grad mana?
payah sikit nak trace coz my firm punya staff dah 500. dan architectural firms kat sini agak banyak juga..

Firrr said...


cool BLOG yooo!