Thursday, October 16, 2008

my first blog entry

salamz and hello everyone

first of all, its better for me to introduce myself..

my name is hady rashid

born on 04th october 1980 - Libra

raised in a small town called Kuala Berang

small but happening & hype, :P

i'm 28 years old - looks a bit younger than my real age

i had a very memorable school time in skkb + smkatj

before continue my study in a local university

(spent 6 years to get 2 degree)

fresh grad - enter Hijjas Kasturi Associates

been there for 3 years

and now, here i am in dubai - working..

i think thats all for this time around

see u guys later


Ms.D said...

"i'm 28 years old - looks a bit younger than my real age"

ayat self centered

fresh grad - enter hijjas kasturi?

oitss...sampai hati lupa kat hajeedar..sian kat pakcik tuh..satu hari pun dikire kerjaaaa

pipi me-ah's world~! said...

itu jer? for first entry? kata happening.. tak pon.. huhu.. update slalu ek..and we want recent news.. tak nak dgr history or fact,.. we want hahahaha..
take care..

Mama-Miya a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

hi hadi..heard that ur a workaholic architect now? sibuk kumpul exp & harta eek? :D

zatihazira said...

hijjaz kasturi bukan yg buat project kat mekah tu jugak ke... umm... jabal omar tu kan. kat dubai buat yg mane?

hunny ms said...

was blog hopping, and suddenly terjumpe ur blog :-)

mcm agak xcited coz ur ex-iium, and also working in dubai.

i'm ex-iium, and working in abu dhabi (err..previously in dubai, for 7 mnths).


just drop to say hi. btw, my name is hani.

maybe we can keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

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