Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 - top 5 in hady rashid's life

there are lot of things happenned throughout the year. good and bad. there are happy moments and devastating time as well. life is plain without joyful experience and cheerless moment.

to cut it short, i want to present

the ups and down of the year of 2008 - top 5 in my life...

Top 5 2008 Best Malay Film

5. I'm not single - The plot of 'I'm Not Single' tells of a young couple, Maya and Adam, who loathe each other because they are forced into an arranged marriage by their parents. Though they fight all the time, at the bottom of their heart, they actually love each other.

cheesy, full of cliches, typical, unlogical - but i still like it

4. L.O.V.E - an Indonesian version of CINTA. compilation of 5 love story; tells about unconditional love. an old, forgetful teacher with an ageing lady, triangle love between married wife and a stranger, successful novelist and bookshop cashier, a brother that in love with his own sister-in-law, and love at first sight.

a good movie, but not as good as the original version, CINTA.

3. Susuk - Beauty has a price. The film is about Soraya, a young trainee nurse who is starting to feel disaffected by her life. She wants to be a star. Soraya is told that the forbidden practice of susuk can help. "susuk lah yang membezakan orang biasa dengan artis..", and there goes - human life is required...

the best horror flick in its genre (in malaysia) - complicated storyline, but hey, i lurve complicated drama.

2. Sepi - a combination of three tragic love story - three individuals in the city learn the meaning of love, loss and loneliness. a well written script, a great performance and an unforgettable poem : 'Bisikku pada bulan, kembalikan temanku, kekasihku, syurgaku, tanpa dia malam menemaniku, sepi memelukku, bulan jangan biar siang, biar alam ini kelam, biar ia sepi sepertiku'

best performance from a newcomer actress, Baizura. siapa boleh lupakan, jeritannya, sambil mengejar watak bayangan teman lelakinya, "KHALIL!!!!!!!".. Bang! dah kena langgar. sapa suruh tak tengok kiri kanan..

1. Ayat Ayat Cinta - a love-themed film (from very islamic point of view). A must-see film as the film itself is beautiful. Enough said. Just get a dvd, and enjoy the movie. you will find Fakhri, a 'lelaki melayu terakhir yang super baik + super alim + goodlooking' dan aisya, gadis 'super mulia + super cantik'. hehehe.

to girls out there, lepas je tengok movie ni, anda akan terkena virus - Pencinta Fakhri..

Triangle love - Fakhri, Aisya, Maria

Fakhri - lelaki kegilaan wanita wanita

Top 5 2008 Best English Films

5. Eagle Eye - Jerry and rachel are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. threatening their lives and family, she pushes Jerry and Rachel into a series of dangerous situations, using technologies of everyday life to control their every moves.

unpredictable storyline, creative shot, great car-chasing scene, complicated plot. the disadvantage is that the movie looks like a combination of few steven speilberg's previous film. hmm, spoil sikit la..

4. Hellboy - The Golden Army - a fantasy-superhero film based on the fictional comic. attracted to this movie just because of the the film been directed by the same director of Pan's Labyrinth - mamat ni sangat creative dalam men'visual'kan makhluk2 fantasi. Kool.

p/s: u guys should watch Pan's Labyrinth as well. Great movie. a story of an abused girl during World War II. she starts to imagine fairy tales - just to forget the unfortunate reality. very sad movie.

3. Incredible hulk - the superhero film based on the Marvel Comic character the Hulk. it is not a sequal to the Hulk 2003, but a reboot of the comic. the 2008 version of incredible hulk is different. and thats why it's better. the creature have a softer heart. supported by a good performance by ed norton and my all time favourite actress- Liv Tyler (beautiful, beautiful, Liv).

oh, and the film has few similarities to the King Kong movie. love between beast and beauty.

2. Twilight - is a romantic-fantasy film based on the bestselling novel by Stephenie Meyer. The film tells about a girl who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen, potrayed by Robert Pattinson (if you guys are the hardcore fan of Harry Potter Series - like me, you must remember this boy named Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - he is Pattinson!).
if u love blood, scary and creepy film, sorry, this is not the right film for you. Quoted from another blogger, "Filem twilight berkisar tentang Vampire yang jambu jambu dan cantik cantik. semua nya manis manis". hahaha. its true. vampire nya instead of ganas dan mengerikan, more to romantik dan jiwang.

1. The Dark Knight - This film is a sequal to 2005's Batman Begin. The film follows Batman and the struggles and journey in combating the new threat of 'the joker'. Oh, who can forget the Joker yang sangat sangat la menjadi. A very depressed, dark, sad character - by Academy Award Nominee Heath Ledger. the trademark 'why so serious? let me put a smile on your face...' - psycho la..

why so serious.......

talented mr heath ledger. tapi dia dah mati la... drug overdosed.

Top 5 2008 Best Trip

5. Abu Dhabi Trip - Camping, shopping, sleeping in the bus - hmm, just checkout my previous post on Abu Dhabi Trip.

4. Oman Trip - celebrating Eid Fitri with 'beach style' - sedang mandi pagi di pantai, terdengar takbir raya, "eh, lupa, hari ni hari raya lah.."

3. Kapas Island - mari ke laut weh, Candat Sotong! Just a week before leaving malaysia, take a break with my ex-firm's staff, sewa bot, pertama kali pengalaman mencandat sotong. seronok giler. will join again next time.

2. Tioman Island - A goodbye trip. my last vacation with my uia's collegues. totally worth-it. mandi pantai. snorkeling. berkaraoke (walau suara, ehem ehem, sendiri mau ingatlah..), lepak tepi pantai sampai lewat malam. enjoy. balik ke kl kulit dah jadi macam kerang hangus.

1. Krabi Island - situated along the Andaman coast in Southern Thailand, Krabi is one of Thailand's most beautiful place to visit. Almost midway between Phuket and Samui Island with perfect beaches and a stunning interior. Krabi province is famous for its great natural beauty, characterised by the limestone scenery that can be seen throughout the entire area. Maya beach (one of the island in Krabi) is the place where Leonardo Di Caprio found the hidden paradise in 'the beach' film. Yes. Krabi is paradise!

i'm speechless....

hey, its Leornado Di Ca-periuk

Top 5 2008 Best Events

5. Karaoke session in Pavillion - 7 person - sing like there is no tomorrow - dengan suara masing masing yang super-sumbang - dan lirik yang main belasah saja!

4. KLIA Farewell - more than 30 family members accompanied me to the boarding gate. and one of my friend's comment, "biasa la, budak kampung, habis bawak satu kampung". Hahaha, kurang asam.

3. Farewell gathering - Goodbye HKAS - 3 days back to back: first day - gathering and having lunch dekat Planet Hollywood. second day - belanja Jco Donuts (pavillion mali laa... mana lagi). Third day - karaoke di Redbox Pavillion lagi..

2. 15th Anniversary / Annual Dinner - eh, kan dah citer dalam the previous post..

1. My sister's wedding - majlis perkahwinan yang sederhana tetapi meriah bukan main lagi. walaupun hujan gerimis, tetap tidak mengganggu perjalanan majlis yang bermula seawal jam 10 pagi (paling dahsyat, photographer aka mr hady, bangun tido pada pukul 9.50 pagi dan pengantin lelaki dah pun sampai, haha, sori..), dan berakhir lewat petang. memang puas hati, sebab ramai yang datang, dan majlis berjalan lancar. Buat dearest Latifah dan suami, Ridwan, selamat pengantin baru. jemput datang honeymoon ke Dubai..

sama cantik, sama padan

latifah, my sister

Top 5 2008 Most devastating moment

5. Buying top-up card Celcom RM10 using coins (20cent coins, God, i am pathetic..)

4. Been blackmailed by 'I dont know who' thru friendster

3. My car been scratched by a girl.

2. To resign from my previous firm after work there for more than 3 years.

1. My lecturer died in an accident in IIUM.

Allahyarham Dr. Shukri had died in a tragedy that took place at the Heritage Lab, Level 3, KAED while he was trying to transfer a heritage building model to the Adabi Studio, Level 2, KAED (beside Postgraduate Computer Lab). Part of the glass that encased the model had cut his thigh deeply and he suffered major blood lost.

Nobody knew how it happened exactly as he was alone in the room during that time. The room was quite secluded and at that time there were no passer-bys. Almost unconscious on the ground, he managed to drag his bleeding self outside the room to ask for help. A third year Applied Arts and Design student spot him and tried to stopped more blood from coming out from the wound but failed. He died in the ambulance, on his way to the hospital.

al fatihah untuk Dr. Syuk.

Dr. syukri dalam kenangan...

Top 5 2008 Most 'moving' Moment

5. Watch a film called 'Meet Joe Black' - sweet, touching, lovable, moving movie!

4. One of the staff here thought that i'm a 18yo guy (i dunno that is a compliment or an insultment)

3. A firm in kl willing to pay HKAS (instead of 3 months notice) for me to join them.

2. A sales manager praising my team's project, without knowing that i am the designer of the project.

1. After months waiting, i got a call to inform me that they accepted me to work in dubai.

Top 5 2008 Best Malay Song

5. Sempurna - Andra and the Backbone

4. Kekasih Gelapku - Ungu

3. Hanya Kau Yang Mampu - Aizat

2. Seribu Tahun - Imran Ajmain

1. Syurga Hati - Ungu

entah kenapa, dalam banyak banyak lagu, macam dah ketagih pada lagu yang satu ni. kalau x silap, lagu(or maybe nashid) ni singled-out sempena bulan puasa. dia punya lirik tu macam menginsafkan saja. so, sempena post ni, kita dengaq la lagu ni eh. nanti minggu depan kita tukaq lain.

Top 5 2008 Best English Song

5. This Aint a Scene, Its an Arm Race - Fall Out Boys

4. Coldplay

3. Umbrella - Marie Digby Version

2. Please dont stop the Music - Rihanna

1. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

minah ni, walau pun macam high aja, dan macam kaki dadah ja, dan macam berpakaian tak senonoh ja, dia sangatlah talented. Lagu dia Back to Black ni - dah beratus ratus kali dipasang kat my laptop. dan dia ni pernah menang grammy awards for her debut album. dengar lagu ok la. rambut macam sarang tebuan tu, x sanggup nak tengok...

2008 Top 5 Creative Proposal in Dubai

5. RAK Convention and Exhibition Center, UAE.

The proposal of RAK Convention and Exhibition Center in the new city of Ras al Khaimah in the UAE. The building looks like a Death Star, the centre consists of a spherical glass and steel nest and a very long low building raised off the ground. nampak kool kan? bangunan ni nampak cam sesuai letak kat planet marikh. hahaha. very futuristic to me.

4. the Dancing Tower, Dubai

Zaha Hadid's Dancing Tower within the Business Bay Development, Dubai. The three towers rise above the creek and project themselves as an icon for the surrounding developments and for the gulf region. The towers are inter-twined and rotate to maximizing the views from the site towards the creek and neighboring developments. Oh, for those who dont know who is Zaha Hadid - she is one of the well-known female architect that loves to experiment building form. kalau ada masa, i will post a special entry, publishing Zaha Hadid's works. Kool.

3. The Apeiron, Dubai

The Apeiron hotel is a 7 star, 185m, 500 million island hotel with more than 350 luxury suites. Access is restricted to water (yacht) and air (helicopter) only. "The Apeiron is the definitive James Bond retreat, art gallery, luxury shopping, cinemas, spas, and conference facilities." say architects, Sybarite UK. Personally, i like the idea of floating structure / building - where we can maximise the views.

2. Hydropolis

Hydropolis is the world's first underwater luxury resort. It will sit 66 feet below the surface of Persian Gulf and feature 220 guest suites. The Hyropolis, scheduled for completion by this year, has faced major delays due to cost issues and concerns over the project's impact on marine life). Hmmm, looking at the currect economic condition, i dont think, the project will be completed by this year..

1. Da Vinci Tower

The tower also known as rotating tower and dynamic architecture. Concept for 250-meter high tower with rotating floors and a system that automatically produces electricity. Created by architect David Fisher. Personally, i adore this concept very much, as i think, this building will revolutionize the architectural world by this innovative design. the building is rotating, every second, thus, the form of the building is changing - never stay the same. just imagine the city in the future with moving and rotating building. (cuba tengok tangga bergerak dalam filem harry potter pun dah mengagumkan, inikan pulak building.. wow!)

2008 Top 5 My Best Photo Caption

5. Title : Dubai Mall's Opening

4. Title : Dubai from Air

3. Title : Am I still the Highest?

2. Title : Dubai in Gold

1. Title : Sepetang di Litar Lumba.

sweet word are easy to say,

sweet things are easy to buy,

but sweet people are difficult to find.

life ends when you stop dreaming,

hope ends when you stop believing,

love ends when you stop caring,

friendship ends when you stop sharing.

happy new year 2009 to all

minta maaf ampun kalau ada salah silap.


Zakiah Ponrahono said...



mesti aku akan tersenarai kan..kan..kan...


Kau kena belajar composition lah untuk photography.

Aku tengok macam aku je yang amik gambar tu, Bukan arkitek yang amik.


payarumput21 said...


Hady.. hmmm.. memula nak komen..
1. Apa dah jadi dengan kempen "sokong industri muzik tempatan?" Semua lagu Indon jerrrr..

2. Filem.. semua akak tak nengok lagi.. ada tak de pun.. "Kala malam bulan mengambang" (ni favourite satu rumah) and "Madagascar" (pun favourite satu rumah)

3. Best ek dapat bercuti??? Malangnya akak tak ke mana2 cuti nie :(
Banyak sangat urusan anak2 yang membataskan pergerakkan

4. Gambar.. cuma yang No. 1 - sepetang di litar lumba jer yang mengancam (**jgn amek ati**)
My photography lecturer used to say.. amek gambar yang org nak tengok.. yang bila tengok je org akan faham serta merta.. (**maksudnya.. heheheh.. lu fikirlah sendiri..**)

:) :) :)

Mohd Hazaruddin said...


hehehehe waiting for your post ... dapat gak!

Happy New Year!
May your dreams come true!

mye said...

nasib baik rotating tower tu kat dubai bukan kat putrajaya. kalau tak pening kepala aku!!

Syamsulfaiz said...

Very well listed Hady. I like the Dubai in gold pic.

I didnt know abt that incident in KAED Lab. when did it happen? what a tragedy. innalillah..

.:dura:. said...

teruja ngan 2008 Top 5 Creative Proposal in Dubai....
knp erk dubai ni suka bt bangunan futuristic gile2...??
surveyor terbabit x dlm construction ni?? hehe.. :)

AmirHaddatsa said...

waa!! banyknya ktegori evergreen dia! huu~~ ouh hadi penah ctat dlm diari ke sume2 nih? wahahau~ congrat to ur sis..are u married?

gmbar2 tu sume cun habis! bleh wat wallpaper nih..bile nk buat artikel tutorial photo capture?

Ms.D said...

kalau miss z kata hoiii

sy kata...huiiii

eh bukan ke your krabi trip tuu 2007? i remembered because it was on my birthday when u went there...haihhhhh..tak bleh masuk 2008 punyer list tuuu

cabincrew are here not to kiss ur ass said...

movie melayu kamu saya pilih sepi.terbaik.

english film.dark knight terbaik.eagle eye saya tido dalam wayang.

semua island trip kamu saya rasa best.sebab saya tak pernah pergi lagi dan dengar macam best.haih.

kLia farewell kamu terbaik.sebab saya selalu nampak ramai orang buat benda sama.dan saya gelak sorang2.

most devastating moment..alfatihaha untuk lect kamu.tapi beli topup card dengan coin adalah terbaik.haha!!

kamu 18tahun?dia mahu bodek kot.. :)

syurga hati ungu saya tak pernah dengar lagi.yg lain2 saya minat jugak..

semua lagu amy winehouse best2.kejap boleh suka yang ni,kejap boleh suka yang tu.lagu fav,valerie dan love is a losing game.

dan untuk dua terakhir ur 2008 top 5 in ur life,saya suka semua bangunan dan gambar.amazing for the buildings n perfect for the photos!

cabincrew are here not to kiss ur ass said...

typo.bukan alfatihaha,tapi alfatihah.sorry.

عيديد said...

Rajin betul mamat ni buat reseach.
Good job tp nak tetap i tak puas hati "Ayat - ayat Cinta" tu one of your top 5. Tak best laa

Helmi Razali said...

oh, u went to dubai. cool. pergi sempat singgah airport je.

hady said...

zakiah :
yup. aku memang kena belajar banyak lagi pasal photography ni. masih amatur. cuma try and error. tengok lah, bila balik malaysia nanti, ingat nak amik kelas photography.. :p

paya rumput:
1. sokonglah industri musik asia, hehe, global sikit.
2. Filem tu, kena cari dvd la nampaknya..
3. Bercuti tu wajib kak. at least setahun sekali. dari awal tahun dan simpan sikit sikit. rugi x berjalan..
4. hehe, xamik hati punya, nantikan gambar gambar menarik, more to come..

happy new year jugak... may all ur wishes will come true.

mye :
hahaha... tapi entah bila la building tu baru nak dibina.. macam lambaaaaaaat sangat lagi..

syamsulfaiz :
thanks. tengah belajar belajar pegang kamera.
dr. syukri kemalangan dalam 2,3 minggu lepas. agak baru jugaklah.

dura :
Dubai banyak proposal yg hebat hebat sebab client banyak ONGKOS nya. kat malaysia pun kami pernah proposed building hebat, tapi at the end of the day, jadi biasa sebab KURANG ONGKOS..

amir haddatsa:
haha, mana ada diari. menda menda penting, mmg lekat dalam kepala.
saya blum kawen daa.. masih bujang trang tang tang... (belum masuk kategori bujang lapuk)

Miss D:
Trip Krabi at the end of 2007, dah nak masuk 2008. dah hujung sangat sangat, so di ambil kira sekali lah ya..

cabin crew:
thanks for the comments. thanks for the visit to my blog. u keep on writing, seronok baca blog pramugari ni.. teringat citer Chiaki, pramugari Japan. hehe.

thanks aidid. hehe, ayat ayat cinta best la..
so, whats ur favourite movie?

helmi razali:
yup. keja di dubai. malaysia lebih kool dari dubai. hehe..

nadia-ady said...

ya Allah cantiknya design bangunan kat Dubai. Apasal la diorang ni kreatif2 sangat ea?