Tuesday, December 21, 2010

lets blogging!

just got back from the office. its christmas week. most of my bosses are not around. well most of them are christian and will celebrate christmas of course.
with 2 or 3 weeks without bosses, its heaven!
i have the chance to go back early probably everyday till new year!
and thats very very rare in architectural firm
since that i got extra time
i browse through my blog and suddenly
i realized that its been ages since my last entry!!!
and its like only 7 blog entry for the past one year????
baiklah tuan tuan dan puan puan
saya ingin buat pengumuman untuk kembali aktif menulis blog
lets blogging!!!!
(well, at least aktif sampai ke tahun baru ni)
lets bet! agak agak bertahan lama tak azam untuk aktif ni?
hahaha, jangan marah ye..